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[Brief information]

-- Original wet rubbing fastness improving agent is poor deep dyeing for direct, reactive,indigo blue and sulfur dyestuffs, especially for dark black, bright red and turquoise blue whose wet rubbing fastness is below Grade 1, while fabric wet rubbing fastness exported to Europe and US must be above Grade 3. Therefore, our company specially developed environment-friendly wet rubbing fastness improving agent 818 that comply with the new environment requirement, such as free of DMF solvent, few odor.

[Main composition]
-- Special water-based polyurethane.

[General properties]

-- Appearance: light yellow to yellow liquid(darker as time going)
-- Ionicity: weakly cationic
-- pH: 3.5+0.5(50g/L)
-- Solubility: easily soluble in normal water in any proportion at room temperature

[Properties and fields of application]

-- Free of formaldehyde and APEO that belongs to environmental products and complies with EU OEKO-TEX Standard 100 requirements.
-- Use for fixing after cellulose fiber dyeing. Excellent wet rubbing fastness improving performance that can meet above Grade 3 by improving 1- 1.5 grades.
-- No influence on shade and light fastness.
-- It is obviously to improve the stability, such as resist to salt and hard water.


Based on different kind and concentration of dyes, different kind and pattern of treated fabric, Dosage as below:

-- Dipping (washing only)

HT-818:   2-4% (O.W.F) (Adjustment base on color)
Bath ratio:   1: 10 – 20
Dyed fabrics (pH ≦ 7) → Dip at 40℃ × 20 – 30 min →Dry

-- Padding:

HT-818:   30 – 50 g/L
Dyed fabrics (pH <= 7) → One dip & pad with water retention 80 – 85% → Dry


-- Prepared solution should be used immediately.Please test before using.The above process is for reference only.
-- Only use alone, can not use for one bath with silicone oil, fixing agent and anionic agent.
-- The working liquid can achieve the best performance at 25-35℃.
-- Please clean up the alkali (pH less than 7), salt and soaping agent of the fabric before using wet rubbing fastness improving agent 818.
-- Please clear away foaming or groove and change the working liquid because it will have a lot of foam when it use for a long time.
-- Make sure pH at 4.5-5 as possible.
-- The water use for liquid water should be less than 100ppm of the tap water.

[ Packing and storage ]
-- Packing: 125 kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage: Keep it cool and dry, 6 months in sealed container at room temperature.

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