HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


Our culture

Core Values: To make a great business, to help staff achieve success.

Vision: To become the most respected company specialized in chemicals in the world

Mission: To make Chinese chemical industry more powerful, let the sky be bluer and water cleaner

Our Spirit Simple, dedicated and self-motivated.

Our Perspective: Everything should match our core values.

Standards of teamwork: Everybody must have the same values, vision and culture, must have a great execution power as well and all the parts must work as a single unit, making progress towards the same goal.

Cadre’s Philosophy

Cadre’s Code of Conduct: to hold the heart of the team, the heart of the company, and the heart of the customer

Cadre’s Spirit: No pain, no gain

Cadre’s Implementation: Support company’s decisions strongly; implement company’s decisions quickly

Cadre’s Selection: Resolute position, trained personal, excellent results, select the best ones.

Core Philosophy:

Survival philosophy: being in the right path is the only way to exist forever.

Attitude philosophy: Stop complaining. Catch up quickly. Make suggestions face to face like a gentleman, don’t take behind like a nasty person.

Obedience: Subordinates obey their superiors. When the small groups’ culture and interest conflicts with the culture and interest of company, should give up the small group’s interest and obey the large culture and interest of the company.

Implementation: Whether right or wrong, implement what the company decides with determination.

Cooperation: Finish the things sincerely as they were your personal tasks and take all the responsibility when the things go wrong.

Work: reliability. Inherit company’s predecessors’ excellent experience and innovate on this basis.

Democracy: Be open to suggestions and discussions before making the final decision and once it’s documented, implement it resolutely.

Perseverance: Remember the company’s vision when you are confused, and keep moving ahead, remember the company’s vision when somebody leaves, and keep moving ahead. Unite around the senior managers who take the president as the core, and persevere until achieve success.

Support: Help each other and grow together, if one person falls behind, all the others will encourage her/him.

Learning: Keep on learning; Internally, learn from the company’s most outstanding colleagues and , strive to be excellent, externally, as long as the others have advantages, we should learn from them.

Growth: The most difficult things will also make the stronger. This is specially true for the fist 3-5 years, when we should fight much harder.

Image: Present the best image of the industry’s employee to the others.

Achievement: When getting an achievement, don’t thing that it is enough; When getting no achievement, believe firmly that we are as excellent as the others.

Reward: Ask ourselves what we have done for the company before talking about the reward. A small dedication means to get less. A great dedication means to get more.

Fairness: Carry forward the spirit of devotion and never make leifeng suffer loss.

Gratitude: feel grateful for HT Fine. Be devoted to HT Fine when we are here, and never betray HT fine even when we leave.

Employment philosophy: Position is the first and ability is the second.

Implementation philosophy: System is the first, leaders are the second.

Customer: meet customers respectfully; communicate with customers smoothly;  serve the customers considerately; spread love everywhere for increasing value for customers.

Supplier: cooperate for a long time, grow together and achieve a win-win relationship.

Atmosphere: word hard, live happily and have a blissful family.